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aliphatic adj : having carbon atoms linked in open chains

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  • a US /ælIfætIk/, /

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In organic chemistry, compounds composed of carbon and hydrogen are divided into two classes: aromatic compounds, which contain benzene and other similar compounds, and aliphatic compounds (G. aleiphar, fat, oil), which do not. In aliphatic compounds, carbon atoms can be joined together in straight chains, branched chains, or rings (in which case they are called alicyclic). They can be joined by single bonds (alkanes), double bonds (alkenes), or triple bonds (alkynes). Besides hydrogen, other elements can be bound to the carbon chain, the most common being oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and chlorine.
The simplest aliphatic compound is methane (CH4). Aliphatics include alkanes such as fatty acids and paraffin hydrocarbons, alkenes (such as ethylene) and alkynes (such as acetylene).
Most aliphatic compounds are flammable, allowing the use of hydrocarbons as fuel, such as methane in Bunsen burners, and acetylene in welding.


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